Cornely L – Available

Very rare Cornely L Crank Embroidery Artisan Machine in excellent condition and with beautiful patina which it earned over the last 100 years. This machine comes with all the parts to get you started, runs super smooth and stitches great.

With the Cornely L Machine you can create embroidery in the chain stitch and chenille / moss stitch method just like with the A modell. Perfect for oldschool style custom embroidery on jackets, patches, bags, etc.

The L also offers more advanced options:

Machine L
This machine was provided with a large hollow tubular needle bar, unlike all the other machines which were furnisched with a thin solid needle bar. The three-thread cord was made with a thick soft wool or some such substance which was inserted from top to bottom through the needle bar. The machine was set up as for the two thread cording on the K machine and this thread wound itself around the wool and the chain stitch, making a very thick, rich, raised, twisted cord. The machine could also make a chain and moss stitch and could be set to do a stitch that was called a picot or spark or claw stitch (plate 51) and could also do gimp work. The soft wool that was inserted down the needle bar was counted as the third thread.
(Quote from Machine Embroidery a complete guide by Christine Risley)

Please note – this auction is for the machine only, table and motor are not included.

The machine can be viewed and tested in 80339 Munich, Germany.

Please contact me for international shipping costs.
To the USA it's around 120€ with DHL including insurance up to 2.000€ and tracking ID.
To Japan it's around 120€ with DHL including insurance up to 2.000€ and tracking ID.
To Europe it's around 65€ with DHL including insurance up to 2.000€ and tracking ID.
To Germany it's around 25€ with DHL including insurance up to 2.000€ and tracking ID.

And just to point this out clear – the machine is over a 100 years old and just like with a vintage motorcycle I can’t give any warranty that there may be some repairs necessary in the future. But if you take good care this baby will probably run another 100 years.

The sale is made under exclusion of any warranty.

Included parts

  • manuals

  • size 3 nipple

  • 10 needles size 3

  • updated tension rod

  • threading wire

  • clawfoot that also works as smoothfoot with two spare rubber rings

  • Madeira Burmilana 12 cone

  • spare thread tension spring

  • spare front spring

  • spare back spring

  • cording device

  • cording spool

  • a-guide

  • top braiding attachment 250€ extra

Chainstitch Machine Cornely L Singer 114w103 Embrodery Artisan
Chain Stitch Closeup Cornely L Saintchains Moss Chainstitch
Chainstitch Machine Cornely L Saintchains Chain Stitch
Chainstitch Machine Cornely L Artisan Embroidery Saintchains
Cornely L Chainstitch Machine Springs Threadingwire Rubberings Smoothfoot Schmetz Needles
Cornely Cording Coiling Device A Guide Saintchains Chainstitch Machine
Cornely L Cording Coiling Device A Guide Singer114w103 Closeup Saintchains
Cornely L Emblem Embroidery Machine Chain Stitch Saintchains Closeup
Cornely L Machine Chain Stitch Saintchains Closeup Badge Patch
Cornely L Needlebar Chain Stitch Moss Embroidery Machine Handcrank
Cornely L Upper Bobbin Unit Assembly Cording Coiling Chainstitch Machine Saintchains
Cornely L Chainstitch Machine Chain Stitch Moss Embroidery Patches Vintage Saintchains
Updated Tension Rod Cornely L Chain Stitch Machine Vintage
Handcrank Cornely L Chainstitch Machine Handcranked Saintchains
Embroideryart Aaintchains Chainstitch Chain Stitch Cornely L Machine