my passion

Collecting and restoring Artisan Chainstitch Machines.

I am dedicated to antique handcrank embroidery chainstich machines such as Cornely, Bonnaz, Singer, Lintz & Eckhardt and Schirmer Blau & Co.

As a Designer and Illustrator I am always on the hunt for unseen illustration techniques, one day I stumbled into an artwork done with an antique chainstitch machine and I began digging deeper – that’s how my addiction for these machines started and never let go. I love the moment when a machine that has been sitting for years finally starts stitching again – that’s why I spend way to much time with screwdriver and spanner rather than stitching patches and jackets.

My collection spans about 15 machines at the moment. There are always a few I am willing to give in good hands and I am always looking for new ones to work on. Currently a postbed model like Cornely ACH, BCH or LGCH to embroider hats would be my dream come true. Please hit me if you got one.

When I started out I found almost no information at all about this near lost artform – this site is here to change that. I am working on tutorials explaining the basic functions and setting up an essential chainstitch link and book collection.


Looking for a special machine?

Just contact me – with a little luck I might have the perfect machine for you.



Chains connecting the world.

Chainstitching brings people together – I found likeminded friends all over the world and have sent machines to USA, Japan, Switzerland, France, Spain, Austria and Germany. Great to see this fascination beeing shared worldwide.


about me

My name is Andreas, I am cofounder and creative director at design studio Edgy&Cheesy and parttime busdriver at Jimmy Fotobus.


My workshop is located in Munich Germany, feel free to stop by when you are nearby.