LINTZ & Eckhardt No11 (similar to Cornely K) – Not For Sale

Machine K
This was a two thread cording machine which produced chain and moss stitch as well. The two-thread cording appeared on the top or right side of the work. Different threads such as wool, cotton, silk, or chenille could be used for the cord. This thread was wound on a spool and placed so that it revolved above the needle. The thread wrapped itself around the hook and stem of the needle, thus surrounding and covering the chain stitch and forming a twisted cord. The chain stitch counted as the first thread and the thread which wound itself around the chain stitch as the second thread. This machine can also be used for braiding when fitted with a top braiding attachment.
(Quote from Machine Embroidery a complete guide by Christine Risley)

Included parts

  • manuals

  • size 5 nipple

  • 10 needles size 5

  • updated tension rod

  • threading wire

  • smoothfoot with two spare rubber rings

  • clawfoot

  • cording device with screw

  • 2 cording spools

  • a-guide with screw

  • Madeira Burmilana 12 cone

  • spare thread tension spring

  • spare front spring

  • spare back spring

  • spare back spring inside

Chainstitch Machine Lintz Eckhardt Lintz&Eckhardt Saintchains Cornely K Singer 114w103
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